About Us

America’s Online Gun Store!

Founded in 1997 by 3 avid shooters/collectors/trainers, PRIME GUN SALES has been a major force in the Online Firearms sector. We saw (and still see) the need to provide access to the best and latest gear to anyone-anywhere with access to a computer.

Our focus on firearms and shooting related equipment allows us to buy guns / buy weapons in large quantities, and pass the savings to you. Everyone who works at PRIME GUN SALES, from the owners to the shipping crew, are shooters first. We absolutely love what we do!

A dedicated crew reviews and adds new items when found to perform as advertised. If feedback indicates a product is not up to expectations, we pull it.

We pioneered the 'Lifetime Guarantee' for any new gun we sell, and continue to stand behind every firearm- providing an extra level of confidence, and another reason to consider purchasing with us.

PRIME GUN SALES also matches prices- if you find the item you want elsewhere at a lower price, just let us know, we'll try our best to 'meet it or beat it'.

Online Weapond Store

We offer a wide range of over-the-counter weapons and accessories (e.g. air guns, airsoft guns, bows and crossbows), stabbing and slashing weapons (e.g. knives, axes and machetes), optic sights especially for over-the-counter weapons (e.g. rifle scopes, laser sights and collimators), defensive equipment (e.g. defensive sprays, telescopic batons). We also offer eye and ear protection, promotional clothing from major arms manufacturers and much more. We also sell professional equipment for armed private or state security forces (police, military, SBS, etc.), such as professional handcuffs, batons, tonfas, shielding cases, detection mirrors, impact resistant police shields, tactical flashlights, etc.

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Brand Selection

We deal with the sale of well-known and less well-known world brands so that the customer can choose equivalents from different price ranges. We directly represent brands such as Euro Security Products (defense equipment), Ek Archery (bows and crossbows), B.O. Manufacture (airsoft and air guns), DIANA (air guns), German Sport Guns (guns and accessories), Stil Crin (cleaning kits for guns), Czech Small Arms (guns and accessories). Of course, our offer also includes well-known brands such as Umarex and Walther (guns and accessories), Lancer Tactical (airsoft guns), Kral Arms (air guns), Steel Claw Knives (knives), Gamo (air guns) and many others.

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Online Ammo store

Welcome to the primegunstore.com online store of  gun and ammo sale. Based on our many years in the market, we have become one of the most successful online retailers selling over-the-counter firearms, ammunition, accessories and defense equipment. Through web sales we can offer you the sale of all weapons for which specific legislation does not prohibit their sale or the conclusion of a contract at a distance. We can offer you weapons for which distance selling is prohibited by specific laws in our brick-and-mortar shop if the relevant legal conditions are met (e.g. a firearms license, a purchase permit, etc.). for our weapon sale, we keep everything anonymous. your identity or purchase detail is never given out.

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